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General Information

Gators Swim Team Registration

Parents, please encourage your child to participate on one of the best club swim teams this summer! There are NO time commitments – just come to practice when you can even if you are late or need to leave early. And don’t worry if you can’t come to all or any of the swim meets – even though they’re the best part! We do NOT penalize or punish for missing practices or meets.  Our only 2 requirements to be on the Gators Swim Team are: 1) be able to swim in any manner unassisted approximately 25ft. and 2) have the desire to learn how to swim better WHILE having fun and a good attitude.

Our low registration fees are irresistible – there are over 40 hours of coaching your child can receive which equates to less than $5/practice! Not to mention the cool team shirt, awesome swim cap, Wacky Wednesday practice fun, admission to the Awards Party and discounted prices for the socials every Thursday (bowling, skating, and a movie are just a few examples.)

It's okay if your child ONLY wants to do meets, socials, be in the team picture, receive the team shirt and attend the End-of-Summer Awards Party. This excludes practices.

By registering your child or children to be on the Gators Swim Team, you are giving them a gift they'll never forget.  Over the course of 11 weeks, your child will gain not only better swimming skills, but also friendships, self confidence, and good sportmanship that will last him/her a lifetime.  Click here to complete our online registration form.

See you soon!  Go Gators!


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