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Schedules: Practice , Meets & Socials

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Practice Schedule

ALL practices are optional. They are NOT mandatory at all and your swimmer will never be penalized for missing any practice. We entirely understand that this is a summer league and everyone takes vacations, goes to camps and participate in other sports in the summer! We even don't mind if you have to leave early or show up late because of other commitments. Just come when you can.

The first swim team practice of the summer will begin Tuesday, May 30th, 2017 with new combined practice times of 8:45-10:15 AM on Monday through Friday. Practice times on Thursday may vary due to social events. 

Age Groups






All Ages

8:45-10:15 AM

8:45-10:15 AM

8:45-10:15 AM

8:45-10:15 AM*

8:45-10:15 AM

*Thursday practice time may vary due to social gathering events. 

The team suit, jersey (different from team shirt), goggles and other accessories will be available for purchase during one of the practices in the first week of June.

Socials & Other Important Dates

Socials and other important dates coming soon! Stay tuned for the Gators exciting upcoming swim season in 2017!


A Meet is a friendly competition (participation is optional for every swimmer) between our team and another team in the Jefferson Shelby Swim Council. The Jefferson Shelby Swim Council (JSSC) is a legal committee separate from Greystone Golf & Country Club. The council provides organization & communication to the 21-24 teams that are present between the 2 counties: Jefferson & Shelby. Greystone does not delegate who we compete against, and thus has little input as to the location of the meets. Any changes to our schedule must be approved by our Head Coach, the opposing team's Head Coach and the JSSC's Vice President of Scheduling. 

The meets for the Gators will be held on Tuesdays at 5:00 PM with warm up time being at 4:00 PM starting at the beginning of June. Swim team meets will be something that Greystoners will want to attend! There will be entertainment after each meet on the Family Pool Deck for guests to attend and to spend time with family and friends! 


 Date Location   Against
 June 13th   Home 
  • Birmingham Parks and Rec
  • Inverness Country Club
 June 20th   Riverchase Country Club
  • Riverchase Country Club
  • Lakeshore Lightning 
 June 27th   Hoover Country Club
  • Hoover Country Club 
  • Riverchase Country Club
 July 11th   Home
  • SBY White
  • Riverchase Country Club
 July 12th  Home  GUPPY MEET
 July 18th  Levite Jewish Community Center
  • Levite Jewish Community Center
  • Lakeshore Lightning
 July 25th  YMCA Vestavia 
  • SBY White
  • Hoover Country Club

Swimmers who compete usually win points for their team and ribbons for themselves. The number of points depends on what place s/he made overall for that specific event, age group and gender. EVERY point counts so we ask for as many swimmers as possible to compete. We NEVER penalize for not participating, though.

Invitational Meets are for every swimmer on every team in the Jefferson-Shelby Swim Council. The dates for these meets will be made available to us by the JSSC by the end of every April.

The Senior County Championship has required event times that must be met in order to compete in this meet. If your swimmer qualifies for even 1 event, we encourage competing because it is a very impressive meet. The Senior County Meet is normally held at the Hoover Rec Center or Birmingham Crossplex usually on the last weekend in July or the first weekend in August. It is a 2-day meet but each day is divided into 2 groups, where ages 11 & up go to one half of each day and the 10 & unders go to the other.

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