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Stone Fit Club

Do you exercise on a consistent basis? Be a member of this exclusive club geared towards our hard core fitness enthusiasts here at Greystone.

How to become a member:

  • Check-in and work out a minimum of 20 times in a single month and you’re in! 
  • Do this for 3 consecutive months and receive a Stone Fit Club t-shirt.
  • Giveaways and drawings will occur every quarter. Each month you qualify to be a member, you’ll be entered to win.

TPI Functional Movement Assessment $125

This screens assess your physical fitness and movement quality. The results can be used to create a plan of action to ultimately produce a more efficient golf swing. Results are based on the individual and may include any of the following: fitness training, physical therapy, coaching of swing mechanics and biomechanics, and nutrition. 

Program Design $149

Regardless of age, weight and even goals, many factors need to be taken into consideration to piece together the puzzle of program design. Get the best out of the time you wish to spend in the gym each and every week with this individualized fitness regimen. First, consult to discuss goals with a fitness expert and follow up with 2 instructional sessions.

Ignite $29 month/individual and $49 month/family

Unlimited monthly specialty classes

Personal Fitness Evaluation $49

This evaluation is a complete review of health and exercise history, gathering all physiology information (age, height, weight, resting heart rate, and resting blood pressure), body composition analysis, circumference measurements, exercise testing to determine current strength levels, aerobic capacity, and target heart rate zone, flexibility assessment, nutritional support, and setting short and long term goals.

Personal Training





Package of 10



Package of 20



$24 each


$19 each


$16 each

*Each 40-minutes session can be catered to a specific need - whether it is golf, tennis, stretching, etc.

Dynamic Mobility $1 per minute

Feel better immediately with assisted stretching. A trainer will facilitate and guide you through a series of static and dynamic based stretches.

Improve Flexibility and Range of Motion
Reduce Risk of Injury
Increase Blood Flow to Muscles



Take the challenge with Greystone’s total body conditioning program specifically designed for recreational golf and tennis players. This program is included in the IGNITE package.

• Improve Range of Motion
• Out Drive your Friends
• Lower your Score
• Play More Golf
• Reach Par 5’s in 2
• Pain Free Golf

• Improve Speed & Agility
• Prevent Injuries
• Build Knee & Ankle Strength
• Increase Racquet Speed
• Eliminate Fatigue

Maximize your athletic potential by increasing the functional strength, power, stamina, flexibility, and balance of your entire body – particularly your core power! This program uses the Synrgy 360 System and includes GX, RIP TRX®, and Dynamic Mobility classes on the schedule. Participate in one class of each category and your body will begin to feel better and move better in no time.

Synrgy 360 System

Life Fitness pioneered the SYNRGY360 concept to create inspirational fitness experiences for a diverse audience of exercisers. Customizable and nearly limitless training options, built-in storage, optional attachments and dynamic training resources ensure that SYNRGY360 is about more than a routine workout.

Suspension Training

Body weight training at its best – this is a highly effective systematic approach to enhancing your body’s function. When you move better you can be stronger, faster, more resilient and durable. Goodbye to calories and weakness. Strength and endurance is what you will gain!

TRX® Suspension Trainer

The original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity and your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises.

A foundational movement based approach to strength and conditioning. The exercises are based on a cylindrical rotation of the torso to minimize risk and emphasize hip power transmitted through the torso. A phenomenal tool for the rotational based sporting activities – Golf, Tennis, Hockey, Lacrosse, etc…

Greystone Fitness Club

Our Fit Club consist of members who enjoy exercising in a team or group environment. Get together and walk, jog, or run. Enter local, statewide, and/or nationwide events as a team and compete together. Annual wellness/spa trips, team marathon training, local 5k training, are just a few group activities! Register at the fitness font desk and become a member of this exciting fitness club.

Self Defense Class

No one expects to become a victim of a violent attack or crime. If that unfortunate day comes, will you be prepared? Based on a variety of martial arts styles and military combative, this is no nonsense practical approach that will teach women and men to stay safe and protect themselves in the real world. These classes will be offered throughout the year or by appointment.

Fit for Life Certification

Teens 12 & 13 years of age may use the fitness center if and only if they complete this certification. The process consists of an educational session followed by an orientation of equipment. Testing and 10 logged visits with parent supervision are required before child is permitted to use fitness center alone.

Equipment Orientation

Complimentary orientations will be offered the 3rd Monday every month at 12 pm as well as the 3rd Saturday at 12 pm. This is a complimentary instructional session provided to teach members the basics of the Greystone Fitness Center.

Chiropractic/Sports Performance Therapy

By Dr. Beau Beard with The Farm ChiropracticProviding cutting edge chiropractic care, injury rehabilitation and sports performance, to keep you in the game, while getting you out of pain. Dr. Beard graduated with his Doctorate of Chiropractic as well his Masters in Sports Science and Rehabilitation. He has extensive training in chiropractic adjusting, myofascial release, kinesio taping, sports rehabilitation, exercise prescription, athlete assessment and sport specific development. Dr. Beard is available by appointment at their location in The Narrows, 13521 Old Hwy. 280, Birmingham, AL 35242. Call at 205.419.1595. 

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