Men's Golf Association



The Greystone Men’s Golf Association (GMGA) is an independent group of club members that have formed an association under by-laws written by that group. It is open to all male members of the GG&CC who are members with golf privileges, are at least 21 years of age, and who participate in the club handicap system.

There are two main purposes of the GMGA:

1. To promote and protect the integrity of the game of golf at Greystone.
2. To provide and encourage a means of social interaction for the members of the GMGA.

The activities of the GMGA center around planning and providing regular golfing tournaments, social events and to improve club amenities for its members. The Golf Committee of GG&CC, as provided for in the club’s by-laws, is charged with running the major tournaments of the club. The major tournaments are identified in the club’s handicap system rules. They include the Men’s Club Championship, Match Play Championship, Member-Member Tournament, Men’s Senior Club Championship, Member-Guest Tournament(s), and other tournaments as may be designated from time to time by the Golf Committee. Golf Committee has delegated the task of running the major tournaments to GMGA. These tournaments are open to all golfing members of Greystone, regardless of affiliation with GMGA.

In addition to events delegated to GMGA by Golf Committee, GMGA may independently plan other golf or social events that are not related to those sanctioned by Golf Committee. GMGA may restrict participation in those events strictly to members of GMGA.

To be a member of GMGA, dues are $35/year, and are collected annually via the January club billing. Those joining after July 1 pay ½ dues for that year. You may cancel your membership in GMGA at any time by notifying the club that you no longer wish to be billed for dues. Dues paid for the year are non-refundable.

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