Membership Offerings


Thank you for your interest in Greystone Golf & Country Club!  Join us and enjoy the many benefits and privileges of club life, as well as the lifelong friendships and fond memories you'll create here.  No distractions, no interruptions - just quality family time, business networking, and resort-style living.  We invite you to enjoy life to its fullest at Greystone Golf & Country Club and discover the place the neighborhood meets. 

Membership at Greystone

There are many types of memberships that enable each individual to find the type of club experience that fits his or her own needs. Greystone offers two world-class golf courses, as well as an environment of distinction in facilities and service - perfect for personal and family leisure and entertaining. Each membership is designated to one individual, and privileges extend to the spouse and any children under the age of 26.  


is an Equity membership which has all of the privileges of a Regular Membership, but pays no dues, food minimums, or assessments. A Life Membership is contingently redeemable at 100% of the Fair Market Value of Life Memberships or, if Life memberships are not available on the date of redemption, then 100% of the Fair Market Value of Regular Memberships.  Currently the Club has three (3) Life Memberships available for resale.  A 20% Transfer Fee is assessed when purchasing an existing Life Membership through the Club.  Contact Ashley Devine via email for details.


is an Equity membership that allows an individual and their family to enjoy all of the facilities here at Greystone.  Regular Members are Equity Owners of the Club, may serve on the Board, vote in the financial affairs of the Club, and hold legacy transfer options with their membership when the times comes to pass it down to a child.   Regular Membership has various payment options including a non-binding Flexible Payment Option offering full access to the Club for those residing short-term in the area.

Corporate Executive

is an Equity membership designed to give executives flexibility when it comes to corporate membership.  A company may purchase Corporate Executive memberships to designate to its executives and a sliding scale is offered for payment of the initiation fee benefiting companies with multiple designees.  Each membership allows an individual and his/her family full access to all amenities and facilities at the Club including golf, tennis, fitness, swimming, dining and social events.  Companies may change the designee at any time, based on approval of the new designee and payment of the transfer fee. 


is a Non-Equity membership designed for those who live outside of  a 75-mile radius of our Club.  Non Resident Members pay 1/3 the dues of Regular Members and enjoy full access when they come to town without frequency limitations.

Young Professional

is a Non-Equity membership for Members ages 23 - 34 that offers a place to enjoy club life with family and friends. A Young Professional Member has full access to all facilities at the club while enjoying half the dues of a Regular member.

Player Development

is a Non-Equity membership for junior golfers ages 25 and younger who develop their game to a competitive level.  If ages 22-25, the Member must play in at least 15 amateur events per year.  Player Development Members receive access to all golf practice facilities, as well as the ability to play in the Junior Club Championship and Match Play.


is a Non-Equity membership that allows access to all of the facilities at the club, except golf.  Social members pay 1/2 the dues of golf members and enjoy access to swimming, tennis, fitness and dining and social events at both the Founders and Legacy Clubhouses.

Admissions Process

Our Board meets on the last Thursday of each month to review and approve new members. Should you wish to begin the Admissions Process, please send your completed application and family photograph to Ashley Devine in the Club's Membership Office, Greystone Golf & Country Club, 4100 Greystone Drive, Birmingham, AL 35242. Or you may scan and email (send to or send via fax 205.980.5202. To satisfy the 15-day posting period, your completed application should be received before the fifth day of the month.

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