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What golfer isn't looking to take their game to the "next level"? Mastery of the game is one of the reasons many of us obsess over our golf swing. For others, it's a matter of playing well enough to enjoy our time with family, friends, and business acquaintances without feeling embarrassed. No matter your objectives, experienced, insightful, and empathetic instructors are always appreciated.

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Blackburn Golf Academy is led by Director of Instruction and 2020 PGA National Teacher and Coach of the Year, Mark Blackburn, and his team of instructors, who are ready to help you reach your goals. Years of deep analysis of the golf swing, along with a study of teaching theories and coaching philosophies ultimately culminated in what Blackburn calls the "codification" of his system. These are the processes that guide the Blackburn Golf Academy coaches in their instruction methods and give each of them a blueprint to follow as they work with golfers of varying skill levels.

While utilizing an effective system to guide their teaching approach is important, the instructors take great pains to ensure that this approach is customized for each individual golfer. Armed with the latest swing technology, the Blackburn Golf Academy is well equipped to help beginners to low handicap golfers of all ages. A host of PGA Tour Players turn to Mark Blackburn to take their game to the "next level." Are you ready to elevate your game?




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